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Quality Teak Wood supplier

We are a professional team of people with over 30 years experience in the sector of teak wood, teak lumber, teak flooring, teak decking, teak logs, etc....

Mission Statement
We strive to be the 'best' in our trade. Our commitment in servicing the industry & our clients is based on 'being the best, not the biggest'.

Crown-Teak is acting sustainably in its business. Our strong values and ethical beliefs are the cornerstones that drive our company's intentions to act responsibly in all the communities where we operate.

Teak is probably the best-protected commercial species in the world. Elephants are still being used extensively to extract teak because of their low impact upon the environment. Elephants do far less damage to forests than heavy caterpillars and other logging equipment. Teak is not a tropical rain forest species. It grows sparsely in mixed deciduous forests. In its natural environment there are only 1 to 5 trees per acre in the best growing areas. We see no contradiction between ecological and economic demands. People and the environment have been the focus of our activities since the day our company was founded. Our concern for the environment and the safety of the forests is an integral component of every management task and every staff action we take. We work meticulously in order to satisfy the three basic requirements of sustainable development – which may be summed up as “people, planet, profit".



Crown-Teak is a division of Crown-Holdings bvba, a registered company in Belgium, active as supplier of high quality teak.

Crown-Holdings bvba

Crown-Holdings bvba has the folowing divisions:

Contact details

a division of Crown-Holdings bvba

Baillet Latourlei 98
2930 Brasschaat

E-mail: info@crown-teak.com
Telephone: +32 3 480 10 14
Fax: +32 3 605 48 53

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