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Marine Teak Decking

Teak is truly the standard of excellence for all Yachts & Cruise-ships.

For centuries, boat-builders & shipyards have prized the wood’s unique characteristics:

  • Its natural oils prevent cracking, shrinking or expanding, even when in direct contact with sunlight & water.
  • Thanks to a high silica content, teak has unique non-skid properties which provide traction on wet decks.
  • Because it does not warp, twist or expand, teak is ideal for boat interiors including doors, hatches & cabinetry.
  • Teak is unaffected by insects, fungus, acids or algae. And…. it is virtually unaffected by age too!.
  • Teak is prized for its structure: golden colour, pale dark markings & straight grain.
  • Although coarse in texture, it is smooth to the touch and has virtually no raised grain.

CROWN-TEAK can supply high quality exclusive teak for all Marine uses, applications and purposes.
In this business there is a demand for teak of superior quality and we are there to help you meet that demand.



Crown-Teak is a division of Crown-Holdings bvba, a registered company in Belgium, active as supplier of high quality teak.

Crown-Holdings bvba

Crown-Holdings bvba has the folowing divisions:

Contact details

a division of Crown-Holdings bvba

Baillet Latourlei 98
2930 Brasschaat

E-mail: info@crown-teak.com
Telephone: +32 3 480 10 14
Fax: +32 3 605 48 53

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